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Success Business Magazine Issue 14

Success Business Magazine Issue 14

The following article is taken from Issue 14 of Success Business Magazine.

 People often enquire whether certain building ideas are possible and the short answer is "anything is possible”. However, consideration needs to be given to the cost versus benefit and value. Generally the best results will be a product of working backwards from the budget. There are many sensational architectural designs and finishes which lead to overcapitalizing the project. In some instances the build is not about the money. There are clients who are more focused on lifestyle than overcapitalizing. They have no intention of selling and yielding a masterpiece is the focus. However, for most of us it’s about capitalizing on investment and gaining a valuation that exceeds the spend.

A builder requires working drawings in order to provide you with a firm price and the more detail provided with the drawings the less likely you are to incur excessive variations. Drawings with minimal detail and documentation often leave the project open for interpretation resulting in significant price difference between builders. If you know your builder well and have worked together in the past, you will have a sound idea about his process, methods and finishes. Each builder has a different range of experiences and will have his own values in respect of materials fixtures, fittings and finishing features.

There are three standards of drawing services. Firstly a draftsperson who is trained to provide a drafting service and can provide you with working drawings providing you know what you want. Secondly, a building designer who is well versed in drafting and trained to optimize layout and the best utilization of space. Thirdly an architectural service which is tertiary qualified with the capacity to provide fully documented drawings including electrical layout, fittings, fixtures, wall furniture hardware and so on. Architects will often have a project management service which oversees and manages the project on your behalf.

My advice is to minimise the possibility of variations and in this connection it is worth the exercise to obtain a fee proposal and compare the difference between these services; Understanding the less you pay, the more you need capacity to manage.

I like to offer a service to manage the bureaucratic component of a construction project including the design, soil testing, engineering and certification. These elements can be very tricky if it’s not a pathway often travelled. Your builder will have a sound relationship with companies that cover all these services and will respond well to his request. Although you will pay a fee for this service it will eliminate the frustration which often accompanies the process.

I hope these points provide some clarity for you when thinking about a project and minimise the stress by keeping the process well defined.