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Success Business Magazine Issue 12

Success Business Magazine Issue 12

The following article is taken form Issue 12 of Success Business Magazine.

1974 saw one of the biggest wet seasons in the history of the region - towns were cut off and homes were flooded. That period marked the beginning of the house raising industry which today, sees people lifting their homes for a completely different reason.

With shrinking availability of land in established suburbs close to existing amenity, shopping centres and the CBD, people are quickly seeing the benefits of raising their house and building underneath.

Raising a house means that people don’t have to sell-up and leave the area they love just to get more liveable area. Going up and building in underneath can provide twice the usable floor space without changing the footprint of the property. It also provides more opportunity for façade design, the separating of living areas and an elevated perspective. Ultimately, this will also be more attractive to potential buyers meaning the value of the property is increased.

With the increasing cost of land in established inner-city suburbs, it is a very smart option.

And the benefits don’t stop there. There are countless examples of older properties that were designed in a time that doesn’t suit the style of living we enjoy now. Bedrooms were small, kitchens were seen as a work space rather than an entertainment area, outdoor living was rarely connected to the indoor space and the list goes on.

Lifting and building underneath can provide owners with a range of opportunities to renovate, remodel or even extend the existing [upstairs] living area as well.

But what is very important in this process is that the foundations of the property are solid. Too often I see people that renovate their bathrooms or kitchens in older homes and this work is compromised by the old and deteriorated foundations.

For this reason, I encourage people even considering raising their properties as an option to do this first before undertaking any major renovations in the existing structure.

Nixon Build has been raising and renovating homes is North Queensland for almost 50 years. We are specialists in renovation and remodelling and we also subcontract to other builders for the house raising components of the project.

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