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Our Process

Our Process

1. Initial Enquiry and Site Visit

The best place to start is always with a face to face meeting onsite to discuss your ideas, goals and dreams in relation to the renovation. By meeting onsite and looking at the existing structure it enables us to visualise your ideas and advise practicalities, possibilities and necessary changes.

2. Design, Drafting and Working Drawings

The next step is to put your ideas onto paper and have them professionally drawn. Pro-Jax can arrange a meeting with a designer to capture an initial idea and create scaled drawings of the floor plan. These plans are altered and changed according to changes made by you to achieve the desired outcome. The designer’s position is to make recommendations for utilising space, optimising functionality and recommending construction methods to best suit the outcome and budget.

Once you are satisfied with the layout the draftsman will prepare working drawings and in most cases an estimation of cost can be prepared subject to soil testing and engineering. Usually there are limited changes based on these factors as most designers and architects work with the same engineering tables. There are cases where soil tests may change footing sizes.

3. Soil Tests, Engineering and Building Approval and Certification

If the quotation is within budget and you are satisfied to proceed we will engage the soil tests, engineering and certification after an active contract has been secured.   From here a construction date will be set to satisfy both you the client and Pro-Jax.  

4. Construction

Pro-Jax will provide a contract securing all of the above including the payment schedule based on percentage of work complete. Consideration must be given to the potential of variations. There are possibilities of unforeseen costs e.g. perhaps in the instance a wall is removed to find extensive termite damage that was not identified at the outset. This work would be performed under the owner’s instructions through the variation process.

Often the property owner will request changes throughout construction. Pro-Jax supports these changes as they often enhance the design or optimise an opportunity. However they would be priced and authorised by the owner before proceeding. It is important to have variation contingencies when considering a building project.