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Stanley Street

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The owners of this property engaged Nixon Build some 12months prior to the purchase looking for suitable options.  Their brief on the outset was a hill side property for renovation.  They settled on 296 Stanley St with the view to demolish the existing building and build a contemporary structure well fitting for the neighbourhood.  This in most cases is not a particularly difficult assignment.  However, the block was 300m2 with extremely difficult access and old retaining walls with questionable structural integrity.

After demolishing the old building, ground work commenced in preparation for a retaining wall structure to be constructed in front of the existing wall.  After digging the strip footings there was a an unforeseen collapse of the existing retaining wall due to the only downpour of rain in a 10 month period.  There was some 150mm of rain in four hours. 

This is worth mentioning to respect to innovation for building methods.  We quickly designed and installed adjustable props as the adjoining property had a stone pitched wall above the slip that was fully suspended as a result of the slip and mark the boundary of the neighbouring driveway.

Footings on the opposite side of the property, ie. The north, our footings were approximately 2metres deep doweled into rock to ensure no surcharge with respect to under the building load was put on the existing retaining wall on the lower side.

The design element of this property was to optimise the views to the north and the capacity to effectively capture the northerly breezes optimizing energy efficiency and providing comfortable living.

The owners had a tight budget of $400k and the challenge was to provide a contemporary finish that was deserving of the area.  Three bedroom, two bathroom with an open plan living kitchen, and dining with easy access to a sheltered alfresco area.

On inspection, it is evident that the workmanship is of extremely high standard and Nixon Build insists of employing master craftsman to ensure not only the finish is what is expected, the work behind the walls and under the ground carries the same standard.

With respect to energy efficiency performance we have installed a product call TMC which is a polymer synthetic sprayed with a reflective aluminium film. We have tried and tested this product and virtually eliminates any thermal radiation penetration to the inside wall surface.  The results have been so effective in previous properties where the properties throughout the Summer and warmer seasons has maintained a 3o temperature differential between inside and ambient temperature ie. inside the building has remained 3o cooler than ambient throughout the day.

The project, although a challenge, was a delight and we are extremely proud of the design and workmanship throughout. The owners have been most complementary and appreciative with our engagement, and they were a delight to work with.


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