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Belinda Street

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This architecturally designed re-structure by Stephen de Jersey Architect, is placed in a unique position near the river looking over the park.
It was largely managed by Stephen de Jersey and naturally our scope of work was a product of that brief.
A project of this kind can only be done to the high degree required by having open, professional relationships with the architect and owners.

The original house footprint was largely the same with a small extension to the SE that was to include the main entrance foyer and access to the upper level. The house itself was very much an older style rectangular building cladded in fibre cement not too dissimilar to the early DHA buildings. They were functional but relatively unattractive.

Stephen de Jersey Architect did a great job in the design transforming an ordinary building into something with a contemporary finish; glass being made one of the main features. The glass provided an outlook over the local park and across to the Ross River. The finish featured tiles subway patterned right throughout the lower level and tiles floor to ceiling in bathroom.

The upper level was mainly polished timber floors where quite a significant portion of the old floor had to be replaced due to damage or areas that were obsolete eg the old internal staircase. Obtaining timber that matched closely to the existing and in particular sizing it in such a way that it looked close to the original build was difficult but achievable.
It concluded with a great finish.

The extension on the South-East corner offered a high level of difficulty due to the design where the upper level interfaced with the new space.
There was cantilever construction that had a high level of difficulty behind the scenes.
One of the problems with this cantilever area was a portion of the floor which also had a roof loading; it tended to affect the floor between the lounge and the external al fresco area arching the floor in a way that would have affected the glass installation.
Much of the glass in the extension was extremely large panels being 20mm thick to protect against possible wind loadings.

Although not evident at first glance the interface between the foyer and internal stairs with the upper and lower level spliced into the al fresco area was tricky and demanded the need for innovative solutions around aesthetic finishes, waterproofing and practicalities.

The property also featured wrought iron work on the upper level and around the pool. Although the pool was existing there was a significant amount of work involved in removing an old structure and providing a contemporary interface between the house and the pool/garden area.

The quality of the fixtures and fittings are evident in a walk through.
The cabinetry is of exceptional standard throughout particularly the kitchen, designed for entertaining large numbers.
The glass fixtures throughout are of a commercial level of construction and would stand out as one of the highlighting features of the build.
The bathrooms, in the same way, are well finished although it could be described as "clinical”.
They have a very clean, crisp finish.

Nixon Build prides themselves on delivering value for money within budget and pre-determined time-frames, with margins that promote continuity of work. We certainly improved the aesthetic appeal of the property by the end of the project from its initial look to the complete satisfaction of the owners.



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