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Townsville House Raising

House Raising

We use hydraulic pier jacks, located outside the foot print of the building. These pier jacks raise the building which is supported on a matrix of steel universal beams. This unique method of raising buildings minimises distortion through the process, and reduces the risk of damage. The process also provides an uninterrupted work site under the building for easy excavation and construction. This method is time efficient, effective and offers a safe working environment


House Leveling

House levelling is often understated and forgotten when performing a renovation project. This process is extremely important prior to most renovation work and generally inexpensive. Nixon Build & Design offers a service of leveling to ensure any subsequent alterations are performed on a level substrate. When a building is leveled retrospective of work, it generally distorts the prior work to become visibly noticeable and affects functionality i.e. doors, windows and cupboards may not close squarely, tiles may fall off or crack.