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About Pro-Jax

About Pro-Jax

Since 1974, the Nixon family has been serving customers by innovating new and improved technologies for building and raising their homes.

As national award winners for home building and renovation, they provide a complete understanding of client and contractor needs.

Today, our focus is on applying nearly 40 years of experience solving difficult challenges in raising homes and structures over 6.5 metres (2-stories) to clients in Queensland.

We have refined our patented Pro-Jax™ Structure Lifting System to better meet your needs.

Pro-Jax is also a licensed building company and we are based in Townsville. We specialise in house raising, house re-stumping, house lifting, house relocation, house re-positioning using our unique lifting system. We provide a fully comprehensive, personalised service to customers and each project is carefully supervised to ensure that they are completed on time to the satisfaction of the client.

Why Choose Pro-Jax?

Home Owners

  • In a largely unregulated part of the building industry, it is important to engage a contractor who understands and manages the significant risks associated with lifting buildings. 
  • Because the Nixon family are also builders and contractors, we understand the pressures they face, and can better help them meet your needs.
  • Pro-Jax™ uses patented structural systems to lift your building safely and predictably to greater heights than previously practical.
  • The unique system allows safe access to the site while the lifting work is being done.
  • The structural system reduces the stress on the existing building reducing the risk of structural problems in the future.
  • There is also the potential to change the orientation of the building by turning it or moving it on the block to increase development opportunities.


  • Pro-Jax™ is owned by award winning master builders who understand the entire building sequence and can integrated their activities with other trades.
  • Pro-Jax™ are not the cheapest but the technology has been acknowledged as "the way forward" in the business of raising structures. This unique system allows safe access to the site for other trades while the lifting work is being done, thereby increasing efficiency and savings overall.
  • The Pro-Jax™ structural system reduces stress on the existing building reducing the risk of structural problems in the future, while also creating a much safer operation for workers Because of its carefully engineered design, Pro-Jax™ Structure Lifting System can safely lift a structure over 6.5 metres.
  • The builders, carpenters and subcontractors utilised by Pro-Jax are of the highest standard and are experienced in all types of building, retro fit and renovation works for both residential and commercial properties.

See our projects section to compare before and after images of specific properties that have undergone amazing transformations.

Kids Cancer Project

Pro-Jax is a proud support of the Kids Cancer Project.

The Kids' Cancer Project is an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Over the years, they have committed more than $36 million to scientific projects.